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VBS:  is scheduled from August 6th through Aug 11th.  It will be conducted by Riversong Ministry with the theme Discovering Daniel.  GetGrowGoTogether


Due to a conflict in Pastor Kim’s schedule, the regular church board usually kept on the second Sunday’s at 7pm, will be moved to the 3rd Sunday in August at the same time. If you have any items on the agenda, please email or text them to pastor.


Lewisville SDA Sabbath School provides a place of spiritual learning, as well as worship for both adults and children. Please join us every Sabbath morning beginning at 9:15am.

Sabbath School Council meeting will be held following the Service today. We will have a lunch meeting in the Kindergarten class room. Please contact Authia Orridge for more information.


It’s not too late to get your SWAU registration wrapped up. Get it all done online and avoid long lines! Check your webmail or touch base with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 817-202-6749. Freshmen Orientation is August 15-19.

First day of school is August 21. Hope to see you soon!


Women’s Ministry Retreat at the Hilton Americas, Downtown Houston, September 15 – 17, 2017, sponsored by the Texas Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Women’s Ministry department. Please contact Eunice Tembe for more information.


Local Budget Shortage:  Our church needs $7500 a month to stay on budget paying bills and supporting ministries in our church. For the last three months, the average amount we collected was $5000 a month. We have had to withdraw $2000 from our reserve every month.

Please prayerfully pledge to give what you are able above your regular offering in support of our church budget.


Prayer meeting normally held on Wednesday evenings at 7 pm will be on break during the month of July and will resume meetings, beginning on August 16th.


Bulletin Announcement:  Please use the following address for any bulletin announcements:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please have announcements submitted by Wednesday.


Fellowship lunch is provided every 2nd Sabbath of each month. Please join us for lunch today following the service. Visitors are welcomed.


Nursing Home Visit: Every 2nd Sabbath at 2pm. Please see Jan Petchkurow, for more information.


Many fathers and mothers are poor in the midst of abundance. They abridge, in a degree, their own personal comforts and frequently deny themselves of those things that are necessary for the enjoyment of life and health, while they have ample means at their command. They feel forbidden, as it were, to appropriate their means for their own comfort or for charitable purposes. They have one object before them, and that is to save property to leave for their children.

To Be Like Jesus, p. 180 - Ellen G. White.


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Church: 972-436-4846

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