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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
My Wrestling Genesis 30:7-8 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, June 14 2014 Church Sermons
Who is God? John 3:16-17 Elder Gary Vest Saturday, June 07 2014 Church Sermons
Praying Over Our Health 3 John 1:2 Elder Mark Fox Saturday, May 31 2014 Church Sermons
Happiness is to Know the Savior Genesis 30:12-13 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, May 24 2014 Church Sermons
KSCS Student Sermonettes The Book of Daniel KSCS Students - Shaina Philips, Natalie Settle and Reba Philips Sunday, May 18 2014 Church Sermons
Lost for Reason Genesis 30:1-6 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, May 10 2014 Church Sermons
Where Are The Kids? Numbers 16:1-33
Numbers 26:9-10
Barry Warren and the North Dallas Adventist Academy Choir Saturday, May 03 2014 Church Sermons
Strength of My Right Arm Genesis 35:16-20 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, April 26 2014 Church Sermons
GPS - Gospel Plan Salvation Revelation 14:6-13 Elder Henry Peña Saturday, April 19 2014 Church Sermons
He Made It Genesis 41:50-52 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, April 12 2014 Church Sermons
Disconnected From Grace, Connected To What? 2 Peter 1:1-9 Dr. Neeta Hillman Saturday, April 05 2014 Church Sermons
More Than Looks Matthew 13:24-40 Elder Greg Peck Saturday, March 29 2014 Church Sermons
Communion Service Psalm 37:4 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, March 22 2014 Church Sermons
Time to Plant Matthew 13:3-9 Elder Greg Peck Saturday, March 15 2014 Church Sermons
Straight 2 the Heart Seminar - Sabbath Afternoon Session Multiple Passages Pastor Paul Coneff Saturday, March 01 2014 Seminars
The Hidden Half of the Gospel Luke 4:18 Pastor Paul Coneff Saturday, March 01 2014 Church Sermons
He Had All The Answers, But... Genesis 41:50-52 Pastor Leroy Kim Saturday, February 22 2014 Church Sermons
The Milky Way Psalm 19:1 Elder Gary Vest Saturday, February 15 2014 Church Sermons
Jesus is the Answer (Deaf Ministries Week of Prayer) Luke 5:23-24 Pastor Jeff Jordan (Translated by Sister Jan Petchkurow) Saturday, February 08 2014 Church Sermons
Boldness is About... Romans 1:1-16 Romans 1:1-5 Elder Henry Peña Saturday, February 01 2014 Church Sermons


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