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Updated: July 10, 2020

Dear Church Family

We continue regular church services this coming Sabbath.  We will be practicing all our necessary precautions, which are the following:

1.  If you are experiencing ANY symptoms that COULD be related to CV19, we ask that you please stay home and worship online rather than take a chance.
2.  We ask everyone to please wear a mask while in the building, for the safety and well-being of yourself, and others in attendance.  The only variation to this policy will be those who are participating in the connect group discussions, and service.
3.  Use plenty of hand-sanitizer!  Wash your hands thoroughly too.
4.  Maintain social distancing, not only while sitting down, but also while visiting before and after the service.  The space makes a difference!
We will  be wiping down often-touched areas to prevent any spread of possible CV19 from person-to-person.  We believe the above precautions will assist us in making sure this outbreak we've already had doesn't occur again.  Thank you for your diligence in making sure we keep our risks to a minimum.
As always, you may also join us online for connect group and services as follows:
Zoom Meeting Link:

Meeting ID: 898 8362 2099
NON-Video / Phone Only: PH: 346-248-7799,, Enter ID: 85305168109#
NON-Video One-tap Option: 346-248-7799,,89883622099#
For those who are unable to attend Church services, we ask that you would consider setting up your online giving, if you have not done so yet.  You can give online just as you would on the tithe envelope.  Thank you for your faithfulness in this stressful time, and one of heightened fear and strain on a personal level for many.
Online giving allows you to set up with a debit/credit card, or your checking account.  I have used online giving through the Adventist Church for over 8 years and have not once experienced an episode of security being breached.  Your information, and your data, is safe and secure. Please set up today if you have not before.
If you would like a phone call of encouragement, just drop me a line at my email, or sent a text, makes a call.  I am your pastor, and consider it an honor to love, serve, and walk this journey with you.  We are on the road to heaven, and it is most likely closer to realization then any of us could ever believe possible.  We are almost home!
On the journey...
The following links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide valuable information: