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We are inviting all members and regular attendees to take a spiritual gifts assessment, found at Your results will be emailed to you, as well as to our new Ministry Placement Team. As we begin to live out the Great Commission in our church we desire full member engagement, for every person has at least one gift to contribute.

You won't want to miss 2019 Total Member Involvement Evangelism Training coming to the Dallas Area on Sabbath afternoon, Feb 23, from 4:00--6:30 pm at the North Dallas Adventist Academy. (2800 Custer Pkwy, Richardson, TX) Start Something New to Win Souls is the theme, there will be something for EVERYONE. Interactive Separate Training Sessions will be presented in Child Evangelism, Youth Evangelism, Sabbath School, Literature Evangelism, Personal Ministries, Health Evangelism, Global Mission, Community Services, and Family Ministries. Each training has new, fresh material this year to present. Take your pick! English and Spanish sessions will be available.

The Vista Ridge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center visit is scheduled for every 3rd Sabbath.  Please contact Jan Petchkurow for more information.

Please consider the needy families in our community and donate non perishables to the Community Service Pantry. For assistance, please notify Lydia (757) 753-7400 or Faye (214) 282-9867.

All are invited to join us for Fellowship lunch following our worship service today.  We would like to get to know you better, and you can get a chance to know us better too. No pressure and no strings attached!